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The site www.kifra.com is the sole property of SC West Kyfra srl, registered in Sântandrei, Str. Grădinarilor, 52/A, Jud. Bihor, J05/326/2016, C.I.F. 35635502, Social Capital: 200 RON, further named West Kyfra.

The use of this site involves the acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined below. We strongly recommend the user carefully reads them. West Kyfra reserves the right to further modify these terms and conditions without notice. The updated version can be found on the page named “Terms and conditions”.
West Kyfra grants the user limited access, for personal use (i.e. placing online orders, research), on the site www.kifra.com and prohibits any downloads or modifications in parts or of the whole website, partial or whole copying of this site, the sale/resale or exploitation of the site in any other manner, commercially or contrary to West Kyfra interests without it’s prior written consent.
The right to create a web link to the site www.kifra.com is limited, does not imply exclusivity and can be withdrawn at any time without notice and is granted as long as it doesn’t harm in any way West Kyfra or any of our partners, only with our written (email included) accord.

West Kyfra copyright over the website published information:
The entire content of the website www.kifra.com – pictures, text, charts, symbols, website design, emails, scripts, programs and other data – is the property of West Kyfra and its suppliers and is protected by the copyright law (no.8/1996) and also under the laws regarding the intellectual and industrial property. The use of anyone of the elements outlined above without West Kyfra’s written consent is punishable under the existing legislation. The website www.kifra.com usage is granted only under the conditions and limitations imposed by this document.

Products and services offered by West Kyfra on it’s site www.kifra.com, pricing policies:
Products offered through the website www.kifra.com are sold in the original packaging delivered by the supplier and at the delivery time are within the validity period, according to the latest legislation. The products and services are offered according to the terms of this document and based on availability. Thus, West Kyfra assumes the right of not fulfilling certain orders if the product/service is no longer in the current product/service line-up.
Prices are updated from time to time and are in euro. The advertised prices include TVA (VAT) and do not include delivery, unless specifically noted on the website. The purchase price printed on the invoice will be the one set by West Kyfra sales consultant (representative) at the moment the order is confirmed or, for the online orders, the price will be the one posted on the credit card order.

Despite or best efforts, a small number of products might have the wrong price posted on the website, wrongly established electronically by our application. If that is the case, the final price will be the one accepted by the client during his discussion with the West Kyfra sales consultants. If the real price of the product is higher than the one posted on the site, our sales consultants have the ability to satisfy the client’s request to have the product delivered at the posted price only if we can do that, as well as the client has the ability to refuse the order. If the real price of the product is smaller than the posted one and the client has already paid for the product in advance, the difference will be refunded in a way agreed by both parties no later than 14 days from the product delivery.

West Kyfra does not warrant, express or implied, but not limited to the functioning of this site, the information contained in it, descriptions accuracy, content updates, site products as well as their suitability for a certain purpose. The users agree explicitly that the site use, the purchase of products and the related services is done on their own risk, the West Kyfra solely offering the right to unilaterally denounce the contract according to the present legislation, right outlined further down in this document. The images posted on the website are informative, the delivered product could be different in any kind (colour, documents, markings, presentation, etc.)

www.kifra.com content (text, product descriptions, technical characteristics, pictures, symbols) is obtained from third parties. Due to this fact, West Kyfra is not responsible for the descriptions and product specifications posted on the site www.kifra.com. West Kyfra and its partners have the right to modify those without notice.

The comments of the www.kifra.com website users:
The users accessing the www.kifra.com website can comment on the offered products, comments that will be published on the site after being approved. West Kyfra preserves the right and not the obligation to not publish illegal content, obscene, threatening, defamatory, that affects in any way the private life of other entities, disregard the intellectual property rights, contain malware or any form of spam.
West Kyfra is not responsible and will not be held liable for any damages produced by such comments or other forms of electronic communication, them being offered under the same exclusion of liability as the rest of the website content, outlined in this document. If the user sends other information, not related to the process of product acquisition, the user gives the right to West Kyfra and its partners for unlimited use of this information, non-exclusivity, free and irrevocable, including but not limited to copying and reposting, modification, adaptation, publishing, translation as well as the right to distribute through any form of mass media anywhere.

The user guarantees he has all the rights of the content he sends in any way to be published on the website or not, so that, through the usage of this content, he will not harm any other entity.
Any questions related to intellectual property, please email to office@kifra.com
Hosting services quality, links to other websites, errors:
The website www.kifra.com is hosted by third parties. West Kyfra will not be held liable for any errors that occur on its website no matter what caused them, including site modifications, settings, script updates. West Kyfra cannot be held liable for any errors that occur using different browsers to visit its website www.kifra.com. West Kyfra is not liable for the content, quality or nature of the sites reached through links found on www.kifra.com. The responsibility for those websites is born solely by their respective owners.

Final dispositions:
Any other problem caused by the products and services posted on the site www.kifra.com that is not already discussed in a previous paragraph of this document, will be solved in an amiable way within 14 business days from the written problem notification by the user. In case no amiable solution was reached, the matter will be forwarded to the Romanian Courts or any other alternative competent entity mutually agreed by both parties. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site www.kifra.com outlined in this document, the user assumes all consequences that derive from this website use.

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