Privacy policy

This confidentiality agreement explains all the aspects related to the processing of personal information and insures they are in accordance with the prevailing legislation as well as the Regulations (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR), done by SC West Kyfra SRL, CUI 35635502 (further referred to as “The Company” or “The Operator”)

The Company operator through the online store

Whether the data processing is done totally or in part through automated means, as well as other non-automated ways of processing of personal information that are part of an data storage system or are destined to be part of a data storage system, we will insure your personal data will be:

  • Processed in a legal, equal and transparent manner.
  • Collected for a predetermined purpose, in an explicit and legal fashion and will not be processed at a later date in a way that does not fit this initial purpose.
  • Suitable, relevant and limited to what is necessary to the purpose they are collected and processed.
  • Accurate and if necessary, update all inaccurate personal data. We will ensure that all inaccurate personal data, considering the purpose for which they are processed, are updated or deleted without delay.
  • Saved in a fashion that allows your identification for a period that does not exceed the duration of the task for which that personal data was collected; saving them for an extended period only when needed them for public archives, scientific or historic research or for statistical purpose;
  • Processed in a way that ensures a proper security, including protection against unauthorized and illegal processing and against an accidental loss, destruction or accidental damage through proper technical and organizational measures.

Our services are dynamic, and we strive to introduce new functions which might require collecting additional information. In case we will collect personal data with a different character, or we bring important changes to the way the information is used, we will notify the user and it is possible to change this confidentiality policy.


The main purpose we process your personal information is to ensure the proper implementation and execution of our contractual obligations, so that our commercial relationships function flawlessly and are subject to the legal framework.

The Company will process the personal data for the following purposes:

  • Granting access to its online store.
  • Marketing and publicity

In case our intention is to use your personal information in a different manner than that for which they were initially collected, we will notify you in advance, prior to its usage, information regarding the purpose of the use and any other relevant information requested by you which include:

  • The period the personal information will be stored according to the criteria used to determine this period.
  • The right, regarding this personal data, to request unlimited access to them, to modify or delete them, restrict or oppose the processing and even the right to data portability.
  • When the personal data processing is based on your consent for one or several purposes, your right to withdrawal of that consent at any time, without affecting the legality of any prior processing of this personal data.
  • The right to file a complaint with an overseeing authority.
  • If the supplying of personal information is a contractual or legal obligation from your part in order to close a contract, as well as if you are required to supply this information and which are the consequences of not respecting these obligations;
  • The existence of an automated decision system including the profile creation as well as, in specific cases, pertinent information regarding the logic used and regarding the importance and the consequences of a such processing for your person.

Your personal information is used for:

  • The purpose of offering access to the online store – those being necessary to draw and execute a contract to which the targeted person is part of or to be able to take steps at the request of the targeted person before the contract closing (art 6(1)b of GDPR);
  • The purpose of marketing and publicity – those being used by us in a legal fashion (art 6(1)f of GDPR).

We collect the data wit the purpose of operating efficiently and to offer our clients the best experience related to our products and services. You can select the information we collect. When required to provide personal information, you can you have the right to refuse. In case you refuse to provide the requested personal data, you might not be able to use a certain product or service.

For each data processing purpose, we need certain personal information from you such as:

  • For access to the online store – email address.
  • For marketing and publicity – email address and the data from cookies. Not sending this information renders us unable to provide you with personalized marketing campaigns.

We can combine your personal information with data regarding your online transactions in online stores and in other interactions with us. We can also combine your personal information with third party source information, such as our marketing partners, public data bases, public social media pages and other third-party sources. On top of that, in case you chose to connect to our client account with your social media account, the social media account can share your usage information, including profile information, info regarding your contacts and the content you liked. Check your social media account privacy settings to control how your personal data is shared.


We will use your personal data only in the purpose it was collected, and we will store this info only as long as it is necessary to fulfill this purpose. We will save this information as long as your account is active, so we are able to provide you with our services, in conformity with our legal obligations, or for any of the purposes mentioned above. Access to your personal data is strictly limited to our personnel and to our partners, in conformity to the data protection procedures.

We will mainly use your information for the following:

  • To process and fulfill your order, including the product delivery in person or to other persons you assign, including sending emails to you or the assigned persons, to confirm the status of your order, delivery and any returns processing;
  • For communications purposes and to send you emails with important information regarding our products, services, contests and promotions we have, including the marketing campaigns we consider relevant to your interests.
  • To make your shopping experience easy, more pleasant and efficient.
  • To solve problems and increase the quality of our products, brands, services and the technologies we use, as well as introduce new products and services.
  • To allow you to use our technologies in our online store.
  • To personalise our services and for consistency on all our channels and all our brands, including the delivery of personalized advertising, marketing campaigns, shopping experience and promotions.
  • To organize promotions and experiences in our online store.
  • To allow you to subscribe and participate in our loyalty program and public relations.
  • To allow us to find out more about your shopping preferences.
  • To prevent, detect, deter and investigate online fraud, security breaches and forbidden or illegal activity.
  • To implement our terms of use and other policies.
  • Considering the necessity to protect the rights, the property, safety and security of our company, employees and others.
  • As we consider fit or necessary in conformity wit the prevailing laws, to respond to the request of Government Agencies and to abide by the legal procedures.

We will store your personal information for as long as it is necessary to deliver our products and services and to execute the transactions you ordered or in other essential instances such as fulfilling our legal obligations, disputes management and solving and our accords implementation. As these requirements can vary with the types of data necessary for various products, the real retention period can vary substantially. The criteria used to determine these retention periods include:

  • Maintaining and enhancing our products performance, our systems safety maintenance and maintenance of our business and financial entries.
  • The period you gave us you consent or until you express your will to remove your data through the channels agreed through this policy.
  • The data you have personal access will be retained until you remove them, for example by removing your account from our site.
  • If your data is considered sensitive, it will be stored over a shorter period.
  • In case the law states the retention of your personal information is mandatory for a further investigation or data which is necessary for litigation.

Periods of time for which your personal data is stored varies with their utility purpose, as follows:

  • For the access to our online store services – over the existence period of your active online account.
  • For marketing and publicity purposes – over the existence period of your active online account or until the moment you object to our legitimate interest regarding this processing.

Your personal data can be processed also by other operators, associated operators or persons empowered by the Operator, with the strict observance of the personal data protection legislation:

  • Our IT services suppliers as well as all other categories of suppliers that the Operator will contract products and services from and which took adequate security measures, according to the prevailing security laws, to insure there also respect their obligations regarding the personal data protection. In case the empowered persons subcontract some personal data processing activities, those subcontractors will be subject to the same obligations regarding the security, technical and organizational measures implementation provided by the EU General Regulations regarding data protection, as well as the internal norms approved for the purpose of implementing the EU General Regulations;
  • State authorities based on their powers granted under the prevailing legal framework.
  • When you provide your personal information to one of our brands, we might share this information with other brands of ours.
  • Your personal information can be shared relating to your social media activity, such as connecting to your client account with your social media account By connecting to your client account with your social media account you give us your consent to share your personal data with your social media provider and it’s your understanding that the usage of your shared information is governed by the policies of your social media provider;
  • We can share your data with our services providers which manage client information and provide services for us, such as promotions, messaging our clients, opinion polls, etc. We will not authorize these services providers to use your personal data towards other purposes.
  • We can share your data with other company in order to offer our clients products, services, contests or promotions.
  • It is possible to share your personal data if necessary and appropriate, in good faith, in order to abide by the legal requirements or in order to respond to a valid citation, an order or a request from a Governmental Entity, or to protect the operations, confidentiality, safety, property or the Operator’s rights;
  • The personal data you authorize we use under the loyalty program towards third parties can include the date and amount of your purchase and can also include your name and other information you asked us to provide. Please remember that once revealed, this information can be used by our partners as they see fit, according to their confidentiality agreements. It is your duty to review each one of these partners policies as we have no control over them.
  • In case you chose to pay for our products online, your personal information will be sent to an electronic payment provider, which will not share this data under any circumstance. For any complains or notifications please contact the electronic payments provider.
  • In the remote possibility of a sale of merger of our Company, our clients personal data and other information collected under this agreement can be among the transferred assets.

Our Company and our brands will communicate with you only if you wish to. If you prefer not to receive our promotions, such as information regarding special offers, you can contact our client services described in the Contact section of our website


We are concerned with the child privacy and safety when they use the Internet. We will not, consciously request online personal identification information from persons under the age of 16without a valid and verifiable parental consent. Our websites are public sites not designed or intended for children.


In order to offer you a more efficient and convenient shopping experience, it is possible to have access to different content or to connect to your account through several different devices. If you use different devices (such as desktop computer, laptop, mobile device and/or another smart personal assistance device) to access our and/or place a transaction or request a service from one of our brands, the applications can associate your person with any and each of these devices.

The information collected from your various devices can be combined with other information you supplied, including data on: information saved in your client account, transaction history with our brands, the way you use our site and our services, products you browse or services and characteristics or in-store technologies in which you choose to interact. We can use this information to offer you a personalized experience, coherent services and experiences on all of your devices as explained in our confidentiality policy. We can also use this information to prevent fraud, such as an attempt to log into your account from an unknown device or supplying of personalized offers based on each device usage and your interaction with our brands, services and offers. Review our Cookies Policy to find out more about how you can set up the options regarding our cookies tracking to find out more about your choices regarding online publicity.


Our website uses cookies or similar technology to insure your best browsing and shopping experience and to analyze trends, for website administration, to track client’s usage of our site and to collect demographic information on our user base as a whole. Cookies are small text files placed on the user’s device that track its usage and record its preferences. Our cookies do not contain information that can identify persons. We collect certain information automatically through cookies and tracking technologies usage such as IP (Internet Protocol), type of browser, ISP (Internet Service Provider), references/page exits, pages viewed on our site (such as HTML pages or graphs), operating systems, date/time and/or click series for trend analysis overall and site administration. Our site users can control the cookies usage through their browser settings, but cookies deactivation/blocking will result in the limitations to our website functionality and of our other services.

A detailed explanation on how we use cookies relating to our users can be found in the Cookies Policy section by following this link:

Cookie policy


We also collaborate with third party companies that use tracking technologies (including cookies and pixel labelling) on our sites in order to offer personalized advertising for us or other publicity agents on the Internet. These companies can collect, over time, information on your activity on our sites and other sites, as well as your interaction with our publicity and other communications and use this info to determine what ads you view on third party sites and applications. These technologies and the information we collect on you can be also used to track your activity on multiple devices. For more info on this practice and to understand your options, including on how you can block receiving these personalized ads, visit

Remember, even if you don’t use them, these technologies can still collect data and you will continue to see ads, but they will not be directed based on the info collected through these tracking technologies.


We guarantee your data processing is done legally, implementing also suitable technical and organizational measures to ensure data integrity and confidentiality based on the Regulations.

The Company has implemented a security policy for personal data which is confidential for security reasons. We assure you that your personal data processing is done by personnel trained at the highest confidentiality standards.

We do everything possible to insure a secure and convenient shopping experience. We have some physical, electronic, contractual and managerial guarantees in order to ensure the security and confidentiality or your personal information.

When you register your personal information with our site, we use encryption technology to protect this info once it is transmitted.


Phishing is a scam designed to steal your personal data. If you receive an email that appears to come from us, that requests personal information, do not reply. We will neve request your password, username, credit card information or other personal information through email.


Our website can contain links to other sites that have confidentiality policies different than our own. We are not responsible for the content or practices of a linked site. We recommend you study the confidentiality policy of any website you access through our site.


You can request to update your personal information by contacting us, as described in the Contact section below. Remember, any one of your requests can take up to 10 business days for the email request and up to 6-8 weeks for the regular mail request.


For questions regarding our confidentiality policy, for your promotion choices, to update your personal info, you can contact any of our brands through email, phone or regular mail.


According to the personal data protection laws, you have the following rights: the right to being informed, the right to access your own data, the right to amend, the right to delete from the database, the right to restrict the processing, the right to data portability, the right to oppose, as well as the right to not be subject to an individual automatic decision, including profile creation.

For further details regarding the processing activities done by SC West Kyfra SRL as well as regarding your related rights please forward your request in an electronic format, through email at or your paper request to our offices in Str. Petre Carp, Nr. 10/B, Oradea, Bihor.

Your request will be analyzed, and you’ll receive our reply within 30 days of us receiving it. If the request is complex or we are flooded with requests, this term can be extended with an extra two months.

Equally, you have the right to contact the Authority for the Personal Data Processing (Autoritatea de Supraveghere a Prelucrării Datelor cu Caracter Personal ANSPDCP), through a letter sent to their office address or through email at You also have the right to litigate to defend your rights guaranteed by the personal data protection legislation.

Your personal data will not be sent abroad. In case your data will be sent towards other companies/entities outside EU/EEA, you will be notified.

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