Kifra was born from a passion for perfume and original essences. The inspiration for our perfect flavours comes from the story of the famous Cleopatra.

The Queen of the Ancient Egypt had a well-known passion for fragrances, her ravenous aromas were often the secret behind numerous conquests. The story of Cleopatra’s perfume - Kyphi, that fascinated Cezar - led us to create Kifra. We added to the Kyphi name the ending Ra, that comes from the one and only God of Sun. This inspiration we have drawn from Ancient Egypt constantly reminds us of what matters the most to us: original essences and the highest level of quality. Kifra remains faithful to quality and we promise we will always regard it as a key principle within our company.

Kifra fragrances hold the IFRA international certification, which attests the highest quality for our products. Our fragrances contain natural, synthetic and synthesized ingredients (natural processed ingredients), representing the highest level of quality and safety for you.
We are a young and passionate team, and we truly believe in the power and influence of fragrances with sophisticated and irresistible flavors. In creating Kifra we had 3 very important principles in mind:

Why choose Kifra?

How to use Kifra?

Kifra concentrated laundry perfume is meant to be used at the final cleansing in our laundry cycle. It is a product intended only for the rinse cycle.

Quantity: 2.5 ml diluted with 50 ml of water (the mix will be placed in the fabric softener section of the washing machine).

One bottle lasts for 80 washes.

The product fits all types of washing machines and can be used together with any laundry detergent and any type of fabric.

Store the product in the best conditions and always handle as instructed on the packaging.

Kifra Lineup


Laundry Perfume

Powerful and vibrant, the irresistible laundry perfume, by using just a few drops allows your laundry to reach a new, long lasting freshness level.

Car freshener

A contemporary car freshener collection which captivates your senses. The attractive design and carefully selected aromas induce a freshness and good mood that will follow your every trip.

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